Quick, name all three Asian Bond girls!

November 17, 2006

If you can’t tell me in 10 seconds, then you’re stupid. Not because you didn’t know in the first place, but because you obviously don’t know how to use Google and that’s my standard for intelligence. Yes, I have low standards. That’s why I did your mom last night. OHHH BURNNNN! Okay, I’ve gotten off topic. Anyway, the three Asian bond girls are Mie Hama as “Kissy Suzuki” in You Only Live Twice, Akiko Wakabayashi as “Aki” You Only Live Twice, and Michelle Yeoh as “Wai Lin” in Tomorrow Never Dies. And it looks like you can add a fourth girl to that list, Satsuki Mitchell. Satsuki is Daniel Craig’s fiancee. And since he’s the new 007, then she can obviously be categorized as a Bond girl. Damn, it hurts to be this logical.

Random thought. If Bond was Asian, would he be 008? Get it?

Continue for pictures of Daniel and Satsuki.


  1. are you sure she’s asian? she kind of looks like a muppet.


  3. She looks like the koopa troopers from that Super Mario Brothers movie.

  4. According to the internet, they are goombas that I’m thinking of, not koopa troopers

  5. wow she has some big ears.

  6. Okay, so I’m not the only one who thinks she looks…um..interesting?
    And since when is she his fiance?

  7. Sort of an asian version of Monica (Courtney Cox) from friends

  8. bugar all

  9. “If Bond was Asian, would he be 008?”
    -I don’t get it???????

  10. which part of her is asian?
    i thinks its just the name… i have heard of white chicks changing their names to be more exotic.

  11. Shes obviously part japanese “satsuki” is a japanese name, shes probably mixed with english “mitchell” is an english name.

    There babys are gonna extremely unique i can say.

  12. I mean there are actually other minor bond girls… like Chew Mee from The Man with the Golden gun played by Francoise Therry. So your title is kinda wrong

  13. 8 is a lucky number.

    that’s stupid

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