February 24, 2008

Kinda, sorta. I dunno what’s wrong with me or maybe it’s that I actually saw most of the movies that were up for nominations this year, but I was super excited to finally sit down and watch the Academy Awards.

…Not that I really sat down in time. I spent most of the day traveling down to Torrance to experience a “ramen festival” (not really a festival, more like a special bowl of ramen from a Japanese ramen place that was only available this weekend) and then traveling back up to play Rock Band/Halo with friends. By the time we got back home, it was already past 7pm, so I missed the wonderful red carpet and the opening.

But first, let’s enjoy a hot steaming bowl of shoyu ramen with delicate slivers of chashu pork. Mmmm..

Right. So. Verdict? Still not as good as Santouka Ramen.

How exciting was it to watch Glenn Hansard and Marketa Irglovablahblah perform one of my favorite songs from one of my current favorite movies on such an esteemed awards show? AND THEN THEY WON??? And how exciting was it that Jon Stewart brought Marketa Irglovablahblah back on stage to finish her acceptance speech? SWEET.

And all the awards for No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood. Whee! Plus, all the nominations that acknowledged equally as yummy films that I really enjoyed this past year–and that includes the Bourne Last Standing Ultimatum. That was a silly action movie that I still thoroughly enjoyed and I really did walk out of that screening thinking, “Dang, that sound editing was a-mazing!” (not). My only question is, why hasn’t someone started a Jason Bourne list, like all those overdone Chuck Norris ones?

What the FUCK with Juno for Best Screenplay? Seriously? This is what I have to say: If someone can type out “honest to blog” as an actual line in a feature film with a straight face, then I can write my own Oscar award winnings screenplay. And I WILL. Just watch me. Honest to sod. Except mine will be about a young girl who works at Amoeba Music on Sunset Blvd who falls in love with the homeless dude that likes to sleep in the garage at night. And she wears a Strokes t-shirt throughout the whole movie. Oh shit, Transformers already did that. Plus the Strokes are too popular. Hmmm…a Dokken shirt, maybe?

OMG Omar just got shot on The Wire. I should probably start paying attention now. Wait, who’s Omar again?

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  1. great. now i need some ramen.

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