Warning: Grossest Video Ever

September 10, 2009

I’ll be honest. This will be the first time I’m posting a video on this blog without having watched it. I’m just too scared to watch it and I’m pretty sure you’ve all seen it anyway since 4 gajillion people read Boing Boing and think it’s the greatest thing on Earth (it’s not).

But thanks to Google Reader, I had everyone watch it for me. Surprisingly people obey when you post “OMG I CAN’T WATCH THIS BUT SOMEONE WATCH IT FOR ME AND TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS.” Here were their responses:

Chris: Not me.

B: It’s the most horrible thing you’ll ever see. Basically the moral is don’t go to Belize and get a maggot in your head.

Margaret: wah..

Me: I don’t care about morals!! Is it like popping a pimple and instead of gross stuff you get a maggot????

Jason: To be honest, I thought it would be bigger. That’s what she said. No, wait…

Michael: wow that was sooo cooool.

Me: Ahhhhh now i’m tempted to watch it but i know if i do, i won’t be able to erase it from my brain like the lotus boob.

B: My scalp itches

So tell me. Is this worth watching?


  1. I probably shouldn’t have been eating oatmeal when I watched that huh?

  2. I thought it was pretty cool, actually. I just wonder if they got it all out.

  3. if u reluctant to watch this, don’t be. its not that gross, ur just being a pussy

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