Hello & Goodbye

January 7, 2010

Alright, so since I can’t stop fiddling with another site, I thought it was time to do a final post here. It’s been swell, Chopstix (or Chopsticks-with-an-x) but I figured that after 3 or so years, it was time to rethink, regroup and re-blog. Whatever that means. All I know is that if there was a year to finally take ownership of your writing and actually be able to post non-Youtube flash videos, 2010 was it!

So please join me over at Hello Moye (or Hell o’ Moye if you hate me) for some more fun. Yes, you. All 3 of you.

And to close this blog out, I leave you with the best scene from Lost ever. EVER.

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  1. It could also be “He’ll O Moye, but we won’t go there.

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