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Move Over, Wolf Shirts.

December 15, 2008


I still hate wolf shirts with an undying passion, but I may have to extend this antagonism to purses. Check out this hideous designer handbag from Maison Martin Margiel that my sister found for me, made from smooth Italian leather with an airbrushed wolf print on the front. AIRBRUSHED.

Excuse me while I throw up my breakfast.


New Goal In Life (for real this time)

June 13, 2008

Have you ever seen something and just had your breath taken away?

Not like when you see me, because that’s natural and getting a bit overrated, but when you see something that you WANT SO BAD that you actually stop breathing for a moment and then live out this fantasy of having this thing and waltzing through life with it?

(And I’m not talking about a Wii Fit. I still want one, though.)

Yesterday, after remembering a conversation I had with Lynn a couple weeks ago, I was perusing the Internet for Miu Miu bags, and came across the above.



Except it’s…



I think maybe one paycheck of mine (2 weeks worth of work) would maybe buy a single handbag, but looking at it makes me feel so…poor. Right.

But look at this bag! Amazing with the slight leather bows along the sides, and the fact that (as Vanessa Hudgens nicely demonstrates for us) can even hang off the shoulder like a low messenger bag.

So this is it, people. I know I’ve stated other life goals before that I have yet to accomplish (such as losing 10 pounds, um…..losing more weight…getting in shape, saving more money)–but this is it. THIS IS IT. Really, it is.

I’m really going to save my money and buy myself a Miu Miu bag. Hopefully this one, but since I’ll probably take about 10 years with an egg donation (or two!) to have enough money for one, it’ll be out of season.